The world capital of gambling is betting that hackers will not disrupt the 58th annual Super Bowl (American) football game between the San Francisco 49ers and the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday, February 11.

Representatives from local and federal agencies addressed safety issues at a press conference held yesterday in the Nevada city. To make sure that cyberattacks will have minor consequences, Las Vegas city’s officials have taken all the necessary measures well before the expected 150,000 extra visitors arrive in town, and over 100 million viewers watch the game on TV.

Recently, cybersecurity has been problematic for Las Vegas, especially for hotels such as the MGM Grand and Caesars Palace. These large hotels were overcome by massive cyberattacks that shut down their computer systems, elevators, slot-machines and hotel technology last year.

In addition to fend off attacks from cyber-terrorist groups from countries such as Iran, Russia and China, domestic cyber threats from criminal gangs and far-right conspiracy advocates are a matter of concern.

Reportedly, the city’s security experts have been preparing for disruptions, including phishing, ransomware, data breach, and inside threats, since last September.

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