Boat Rocker has signed a raft of worldwide sales for the unscripted Secrets In… franchise.

Secrets in the Ice season 1 and 2 have been sold to AETN U.K. and Benelux, Seven One Germany , FTV Prima in Czech Republic, Foxtel Australia, Dox TV, Multicanal Iberia, RTI Italy, A&E Ole Latam, Parva Yugoslavia and Bell Media Canada.

Secrets in the Jungle has been acquired by Seven One Germany; RTL Italy; Multi Canal for Iberia; FTV Prima in the Czech Republic; Dox TV for Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, Kosovo and Slovenia; Foxtel Australia; and JEI for South Korea.

In addition, Boat Rocker has secured a deal with producer Shark Teeth Films to greenlight a third season of Secrets in the Ice , which is currently in production and will be available Fall 2023.

Secrets in the Ice spotlights the mysteries that have been locked away in icy tombs all over the world for centuries. From frozen remains of woolly mammoths and human remains on Mount Everest, to buried underground military stations and craters hidden beneath glaciers, the show reveals the mysteries in some of the most frozen places on Earth.

Using the latest science and technology to explore the mysteries concealed in the depths of the rainforests and jungles across the globe, Secrets in the Jungle follows the clues to overgrown cities, forgotten treasures and unknown creatures.

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