VideoAge‘s November Issue focuses on MIP Cancun, considered by many to be the premier TV market for Latin America. However, that was compared to NATPE, which had diminished in relevance in recent years, and as the VideoAge Issue recently reported, first filed for Chapter 11 and then ultimately cancelled its January 2023 trade show. As the November Issue of VideoAge reported, the newest contender for the premier LatAm market role is now DISCOP Miami, a new entry into the LatAm market, but one which comes from an organization that is well-seasoned in putting on events in emerging territories.

In addition, this November Issue features all the breaking news that was fit to print, including the surprising conclusion of the American Film Market in Santa Monica, California, on November 6, 2022.

A total of 10 major stories will make for an engaging read either during down time at MIP Cancun, or from the comfort of recipients’ offices. They can either read from a printed copy or online.

The Issue also looks beyond the month of November with a peek at the upcoming Asia TV Forum, taking place in Singapore on December 7, 2022. The Issue will also feature a report on the recently concluded MIPCOM, and will offer a review of a new book about the controversial American movie director, the late Michael Cimino.

The My2¢ editorial revolves around cyclical times, aka, “history repeating itself,” and for its usual jab at the travel industry, explores why there are so many flight delays these days (a touchy subject especially for those returning from MIPCOM and having to suffer through many missed connections).

The PDF edition is available here.

The text edition can be read here.

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