Omens Studios debuted Soft Rain at several international film festivals, where the animated short film was welcomed with acclaim.

Directed by Sacha Goedegebure, Soft Rain portrays a middle-aged man suffering from depression as he is caught in the rain on his way to work. When a cheerful woman offers him to share her umbrella, he is introduced to a different perception of reality. The film is Omen Studios’ fourth original short.

Thus far, the film has received 11 award wins, including Best Short Film at the Asian TV Awards and Best International Movie at the SoCal Film Awards, Best Animation at the Amsterdam Short Film Festival, Best Animation at the Tokyo Short Film Festival, Best Animation at Moscow Shorts, and Best Short Film at Five Continents International Film Festival, among others.

Chi Sim Tang, CEO of Omens Studios, remarked, “We are happy that Soft Rain is resonating with audiences at international film festivals. The animated story takes a look from a different perspective into what it’s like to battle with your mental health and the importance of being kind to each other, both of which are universally relevant topics, especially in the current times.”

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