NHK will broadcast Fresh Encounters with Our Cultural Heritage starting March 20, 2021, on NHK’s BS8K satellite channel.

Produced in collaboration with the Tokyo National Museum, Fresh Encounters with Our Cultural Heritage explores museum artifacts that have been recreated as 3DCG models. Each episode showcases an artifact, from the 3,000-year-old Dogu clay figurine to a wodden statue of the Kudara Kannon deity.

The series is part a joint research project, “Cultural Heritage in 8K,” from NHK and the Tokyo National Museum. The initiative aims to find new ways for art appreciation using VR, AR, and project mapping, among other digital means.

Hakuno Takahiko, 8K channel controller at NHK, remarked, “We are proud to be able to offer NHK’s 8K technology and the knowledge we had accumulated over the years to this new series by building a good partnership with the museum.”

Matsushima Masato, curator for Japanese painting at the Tokyo National Museum, added, “The pandemic has led museums and galleries all over the world to seek new ways to serve people. 8K imaging has huge potential.”

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