During interviews, market organizers — whether for MIP-TV, the AFM, the ATF, or NATPE — always seem to want to talk about their respective conference’s line-up of top-level executives. VideoAge, on the other hand, being an international trade publication focusing on the selling and buying of TV content, tends to try and steer the conversation over to the essence of any given market: Exhibitors and content acquisition organizations.

With that sense of duty in mind, VideoAge asked several pointed questions of NATPE president and CEO JP Bommel (pictured above) about the upcoming NATPE Miami, which will be held yet again at the Fontainebleau Hotel in Miami Beach, January 22-24, 2019.

One aspect of NATPE Miami that has not been previously explored is the surprising amount of support it receives from MIP Cancun, the Mexican market held some 60 days before the Miami Beach event, which it actually considered a direct competitor until quite recently. The gap between the two markets — especially considering the long Hanukkah and Christmas holidays — is less than 40 days.

In reality, those days between Cancun and Miami are needed by the distributors who exhibited at the Mexican market for follow-ups in order to close deals at NATPE Miami. This means that every company that exhibited at MIP Cancun has an interest in attending NATPE Miami.

One of NATPE exhibitors’ concerns, however, is whether the Miami market will see an increased number of buyers next year. “Most definitely,” answered Bommel. “Especially in the OTT area as acquisition is in full mode. We are anticipating increased participation from European buyers, [as well].”

Bommel also explained how the market is encouraging new buyers: “We [can] confirm that most of the distributors are bringing new shows to the market at a record pace. In addition, we are curating highly targeted meetings between acquisition executives across all platforms and independent producers from all our international pavilions.”

In terms of special events, Bommel mentioned the new Global Demand Awards, as well as the NATPE Unscripted Breakthrough Awards, and the Brandon Tartikoff Legacy Awards. “We are also launching six networking events with top buyers from across the globe and [will have] many mixers in Brands and Content, OTT and Platforms, and International Co-Production.”

He then concluded: “The opening night party and other mixers are extremely popular and have led to the blossoming of new and solidifying of old relationships while we all enjoy the Miami weather.”

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