Detective #24 (drama) (pictured)
Tilda, a complacent and recently fired prosecutor, and Ibrahinn, a Somalian refugee who is also an exceptional detective known as Number 24, form a distinctive duo. Their worlds collide when the case of a missing teenage girl arises and solving it gives them both something to gain.

Far North (drama)
This epic and extraordinary true story follows how an everyday couple from the Ahipara community foiled an international crime ring’s largest ever deal in the Pacific.

The Messenger (drama)
Ed Kennedy, a directionless teenager, inadvertently becomes a local hero after he stops an armed robbery. Soon after he starts receiving cryptic messages on playing cards that take him stumbling along a path of mysterious missions.

Rise and Fall (format) (entertainment, gameshow)
The format follows people from all walks of life who either find themselves in a position of power living in an opulent penthouse or as part of the powerless living in a basement workplace.

The Kardashians: A Billion Dollar Dynasty (documentary)
This two-part celebrity special presents a fascinating account of how the Kardashians became one of the world’s most recognized brands, changed the face of social media, and achieved stratospheric wealth.

The Unknown (adventure reality)
The Unknown is a new psychological adventure reality that asks: “Do you dare to choose the unknown?”

Picture Slam (format)
The format sees teams face a series of pictures that are worth prize money. The more the teams can name the more they win, but for the jackpot they need to name all the pictures.

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