We’re all familiar with “fake news,” mostly courtesy of Vladimir Putin’s Russia, but now be prepared for the “fake look,” courtesy of President Joe Biden and former president Donald Trump.

In Hollywood, this “fake look” is called “effortless,” but it takes at least four hours for folks to look like they just rolled out of bed.

Makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic reportedly created an effortless look for influencer Kim Kardashian at New York City’s Met Gala by using a dozen or so products.

In the political world of Washington, D.C., and the financial circles of New York City, this effortless look is called “unbothered,” defined as a complete lack of care or bother for anything in life. In Europe, and especially in Italy, the unbothered look has been prominent among leftist TV personalities and intellectuals. On the political right, on the other hand, the look has been more curated, reflecting their opinion that one should enter people’s homes (via their TVs) looking respectful, with well-coiffed hair.

The strange part is that achieving the effortless look is very hard to do. During the Kennedy era, the New England look meant casually rolling up your shirt sleeves, but now, obtaining that effortless look requires at least 15 minutes to properly roll down the cuffs of a shirt over, for instance, the sleeves of a trench coat.

Plus, the effortless look is expensive. For example, Balenciaga replicated the style of a free Fresh Direct grocery bag, but sells it for $2,900. Today, going out in public with just that used to be called a “curated” look, one that is not considered authentic. So, in essence, being “real” means that one has to be “fake.” And that takes time and money.

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