Being sandwiched between MIPCOM and NATPE Global (which will take place in Nassau, the Bahamas), MIP Cancun is sure to have an effect on both as far as the LATAM presence at the two markets is concerned.

And because of costs, small content distribution companies will surely have to choose at least two out of the three markets, with RX France (the organizers of both MIPCOM and MIP Cancun) coming out on top since what they’ll lose in Cannes in October will certainly be gained back in Cancun in November.

At MIPCOM, some 100 LATAM participants are expected, even though as of mid-August the number was just 42 (mostly from the South Cone, where it was just winter). More are expected to register by early October from other LATAM regions, and a few more will attend but won’t officially register.

According to a LATAM executive from Peru who wished to remain anonymous, even though MIP Cancun is the premier market for Latin Americans, the presence of Turkish companies at MIPCOM will attract some LATAM buyers who are looking to acquire Turkey’s popular telenovelas.

Approximately 466 participants attended MIP Cancun 2021, a 40 percent decline from the 2019 edition, with the bulk from LATAM. However, this year, participation at MIP Cancun is expected to return to pre-pandemic periods.

Conversely, in the past, NATPE boasted some 3,500 participants, mostly, if not all focusing on LATAM, with a small U.S. syndication component.

The MIP Cancun event in Mexico will begin on November 13, 2022. That is just 23 days after MIPCOM, and 60 days before NATPE 2023, which will put a lot of pressure on the former NATPE Miami market in order for it to, if not gain more participants from its last in-person market in 2020, at least not lose them because it’s now taking place in the expensive Baha Mar resort in Nassau, Bahamas. However, during a VideoAge interview last June, NATPE’s CEO JP Bommel insisted that the new NATPE venue will be less expensive than the last one at the Fontainebleau in Miami Beach.

This year, the eighth in-person MIP Cancun will kick off on Sunday (instead of Tuesday like in 2021), which could generate some extra traffic with the vacationing weekend crowd. Originally, the dates were set for November 15-18, but were later moved to the current November 13-16, 2022. The official reason for this change is that it was done “for a combination of operational reasons and after taking into account feedback from delegates.”

The market will also have a new director, Ecuador-born Maria Perez-Belliere (pictured above), following the departure of Benedicte Touchard de Morant, who last year led a team of 16 people.

The MIP Cancun 2021 market began on November 16 and was held at the Moon Palace Hotel in the Mexican resort city. The hotel fully reopened that summer following the COVID emergency.

The success of that MIP Cancun 2021 edition came against all odds. Indeed, it started with a Cancun that had once been declared a high COVID-19 contamination area, but managed to become a safe or “green zone.” Then came a shootout between rival gangs at a downtown Cancun hotel in early November. This was followed up by a full week of rain during the market.

The market ended on November 19 after three days of intense meetings between 82 distribution companies from 22 countries and 96 buyers (also from 22 countries). Among the sales contingent, the largest number came from the U.S. with 20 companies, followed by France with 16 distribution companies, and Turkey with nine.

Russia was able to send a delegation of seven TV executives representing five companies, since it was before the embargo following the Russian invasion of Ukraine. On the buying side, the U.S. sent the largest delegation with 24 acquisition executives, followed by Mexico with 16. Brazil was a distant third with eight buyers.

The market organizers guaranteed each distribution company a minimum of 17 total meetings (and up to 25) with buyers.

The process of registering for the market was easy since badges were sent via e-mail. The hotel registration, set up in a separate area from vacationing tourists, took some time due to the large crowds of MIP Cancun attendees trying to check in. On the other hand, obtaining the negative COVID test certificate, which was needed to enter the MIP Cancun convention area, took less than 30 minutes to procure. The test was free for MIP Cancun participants. For other guests it cost U.S.$19. As an extra precaution, the market floor was sanitized every three hours, with meetings interrupted for each cleaning. Plus, wearing facemasks was required.

MIP participants also had to wear two bracelets throughout the market. The first was needed to access the sleeping rooms (and for other hotel services). The second was worn to show proof of a negative COVID test.

During the three days, the market hosted 16 conferences, three parties, and the Produ Awards, which is returning this year on November 15.

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