Below, find a selection of seven more of VideoAge‘s best Water Cooler features posted in 2021. These tend to be less controversial than the first bunch we posted last week, but they can’t be considered boring. Perhaps some readers would prefer that we highlight some of the other 99 Water Cooler features of 2021, but being a RoD (Read on Demand) service means that they can easily access the other masterpieces by going to our homepage,

Streaming Services: The Writing is on the Wall

Streaming services are blamed for everything these days — from studio layoffs to the bad luck faced by cinemas to the challenges FTA broadcast TV is encountering these days. So why does it feel like everyone is writing about streaming services but us?

U.S. Studios’ Value Went from Millions to Billions, Aided by Political Actions

The U.S. entertainment industry went from being valued in the millions to the billions in just over 34 years or so. How did this come to pass? Mostly due to a lack of regulations.

The Secret World of Made-for-Streaming Production

Think you know what the business model is for a made-for-streaming production? Think again. A production’s cost is easy to discern, but the amount that it will eventually make or how much it’s worth is quite difficult to gauge.

Film Production Incentives Incentivize

Do U.S. state film production incentives actually work? Michigan eliminated, then reinstated its tax-credit film program in recent years. Why?

Money and Power at the HFPA: A Report

The Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA) has exerted incredible power and influence over the years, especially when it comes to awards shows.

MIPCOM 2021: The Bracelets Edition

This year’s MIPCOM offered up a new sight — attendees donning an array of colorful bracelets. These “Sanitary Pass Bracelets” were issued after participants showed their vaccination cards. Monday’s bracelets were green. Tuesday’s were red. Wednesday’s were orange. And Thursday’s were purple.

Preparing for the Las Vegas NAB Show 2022

The 2022 NAB Show, set for April 23-27 at the Las Vegas Convention Center, will feature distinct destinations focused on three main pillars associated with the content life cycle. Designated “Create,” “Connect,” and “Capitalize,” they will be situated throughout the convention center.

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