Those attending MIPCOM didn’t quite understand what they were for. Still, they proudly wore them. On Monday, October 11, the market’s first day, they were green. On Tuesday, they were red. Wednesday was orange. And on Thursday, the market’s last half day, they were purple. They were officially called “Sanitary Pass Bracelets,” and were issued after participants showed their vaccination cards.

If the purpose of the multiple bracelets was vague, the effect was good, in the sense that participants felt reassured by the health measures that MIPCOM organizers implemented, including requiring the wearing of masks indoors, positioning stands farther apart than usual, and having a COVID test lab onsite (which cost 45 euro per rapid test). However, some other procedures didn’t make much sense, like cordoning off both sides of the Grand Auditorium so that people were squeezed into the center portion during screenings and award presentations.

Now, participants attending MIPCOM 2021 who were able to collect all four “Sanitary Pass” bracelets are invited to send a picture of them all next to their badges to be featured in VideoAge‘s upcoming MIPCOM 2021 Review. Please send the jpg photo to: [email protected] by October 21.

In addition to showing TV/film executives’ perseverance and courage, the bracelets –– any of them –– will remain in the annals of the entertainment industry as a symbol of resilience and resolution. And even though those with all four bracelets will get full recognition, others with fewer are still being honored for their contribution to the success of the first major in-person TV market following the two-year hiatus forced by the pandemic.

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