On April 28, Brazil’s Grupo Globo formalized a change in its leadership. Roberto Irineu Marinho, who held the chairmanship of Globo’s administrative board since August 2003 (after the death of his father, Roberto Marinho, founder of the Brazilian media giant, at age 98), left the position to his middle brother, 67-year-old João Roberto Marinho.

The 73-year-old Irineu has now taken the post of vice chairman, a position also held by José Roberto, who at 65 is the youngest of the brothers. The board is completed by José’s son Paulo Marinho, Irineu’s son Roberto Marinho Neto, Alberto Pecegueiro (a former Globosat director general), and Jorge Luiz De Barros Nóbrega, who remains executive president of Grupo Globo.

In 1998, the three Marinho brothers left the direct management of the company and formed a management committee so that they could share leadership of the company, having, in 2011, assumed the functions of members of the administrative board of directors, created that same year. In December 2017, Roberto Irineu left the post of executive president of Grupo Globo to Nóbrega. For the first time, a non-family member assumed that position.

“Roberto Irineu will assume the vice chairmanship and will maintain his duties as a member of the board, supporting his brothers and the other councilors in decision-making,” said Nóbrega.

“In the past 20 years, Roberto Irineu, João Roberto, and José Roberto Marinho undertook a great effort in building a governance model for Grupo Globo that seeks to achieve the best corporate practices in the market,” added Nóbrega.

In August 2014, Roberto Irineu changed the name of Globo Organizations to Grupo Globo, and in March 2020 he endured a successful liver transplant for non-alcoholic cirrhosis of the liver.

Pictured at top left, l. to r.: José Roberto, Roberto Irineu, João Roberto.

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