In its 10 issues in 2019, VideoAge reported on 14 countries, covered 17 TV and film trade shows in eight countries, analyzed 18 trends, interviewed 70 different executives, and reviewed seven books. All this was served up in a total of 320 easy-to-handle (and read) printed pages (averaging 32 pages per Issue). These articles are also available online in text, PDF, and audio formats.

The industry’s trends ran an A to W gamut (we couldn’t find a “Z”), beginning with Acquisitions, and continuing with Business, Dubbing, TV Development, Financial, TV Localism, Marketing, Pilots, Piracy, Programming, Production, Political, Ratings, Regulations, Sales, Social Media, Technology (streaming, AI), and Wall Street (Investments).

There were also six Spanish-language stories (e.g., Los Altibajos de la Exportación de Contenido Latinoamericano) and two honorees for the Hall of Fame  — one from the U.K., the other from Greece.

Below please find some of our most significant stories: 


Ratings in Canada Don’t Give “Numeris” to Ethnic Channels


MIP-TV’s ROI Isn’t Obvious, But It’s Definitely There


AI in Dubbing: Almost There, But Still a Long Way to Go!

May/LATAM Issue:

Blurred Windows: The Devolution of IP Rights

May/Studio Issue:

Key Acquisition and Programming Executives at the L.A. Screenings


Old: Insults. New: Reality in Politically Correct Times


Prix Italia Turns To Ancient Rome To Salute Diversity


How to Find a Rewarding Streaming Money Flow


The Common Ground of African, Caribbean TV-Film


Brexit’s Impact on the U.K. Audiovisual Industry Is Analyzed By The Council of Europe

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