In many countries, for traditional television viewership, the best part of the week is made up of only five days. At the most, it’s six, but Sunday is a TV ratings winner almost worldwide, with the exception of the Philippines and Russia. In a 27-country survey, performed by VideoAge, the most surprising element is represented by the low viewership days, which basically span the entire week, including Wednesday (Italy, Russia, China, and India) and Thursday (Hungary, Poland, Turkey, and Ireland). But the worst of all, for most territories, are Friday and Saturday, with the exception of Israel, UAE, the Philippines, and Malaysia, where Saturday audiences are the highest.

Canada: Sunday has the largest average audience of the week, while Friday has the smallest.

U.S.: Friday is the lowest rated and Sunday is the highest.

Argentina: The largest number of TV viewers is Monday through Friday. The lowest is on Saturday. Sunday is a bit better.

Brazil: Saturday has the lowest audiences. The highest are registered on Monday.

Colombia: Sunday is the most-watched TV day from 6:00 a.m. to 12 midnight, and Saturday the least. For primetime, Monday is the most watched and Saturday is the least.

Mexico: Sunday is the day of the week when the most people watch TV, and Friday has the fewest viewers.

Finland: Monday is the lowest, Sunday the highest.

France: Saturday has the lowest audience, Sunday the largest.

Germany: Sunday has the highest audience, Saturday, the lowest

Greece: Sunday the highest, Monday the lowest.

Hungary: The largest number of TV viewers is on Sunday and the lowest is on Thursday.

Ireland: Sunday is the most viewed day, and the least is Thursday, closely followed by Tuesday.

Italy: The best day is Sunday, the worst is Wednesday.

Poland: Best day is Sunday, weakest is Thursday.

Portugal: For the weeks without football, Monday is the strongest, Saturday is the weakest. With football, Tuesdays and Wednesdays are strongest.

Spain: Sunday has the greatest viewership and Friday has the lowest.

Turkey: Thursday has the lowest viewership and Sunday the highest in terms of total day. For primetime, Wednesday has the highest and Saturday the lowest.

U.K.: The highest viewership is on Sunday and the lowest on Friday.

Australia: The most popular viewing night is Sunday, followed by Wednesday. The smallest viewing audience is on Saturday.

China: Friday, Saturday and Sunday have the most viewers. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday have fewer viewers.

India: Sundays have the highest viewership, Wednesdays the lowest.

Japan: Sunday has the largest viewership and Friday has the lowest.

Malaysia: There is high viewership on Saturday, low on Tuesday.

Philippines: Saturday, highest; Sunday, lowest.

Russia: Wednesday has the lowest and Sunday has the highest.

Israel: Saturday nights are stronger. On Friday there are the least number of households tuning in.

UAE: Saturday has the largest audience and Friday has the smallest. However, toward the end of primetime, the lowest viewership is registered on Monday.

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