VideoAge is a publication known for describing the future of television and celebrating its past. Last MIPCOM, VideoAge detailed how the television industry will look in 2030.

Previously, with the “Ultimates,” it explained how content will be monetized in years to come. And, as early as October 1998, VideoAge laid down the plans that became the base of Netflix: television received via copper telephone wires.

However, no matter how important the future is (and some people even say that it is overrated), VideoAge doesn’t forget the past and, indeed, it has the largest database of past individual accomplishments and histories of TV trade shows.

Looking at the home page of VideoAge, readers can access the online version of past printed articles about the histories of:

The American Film Market

The L.A. Screenings



MIFED (in Italian)

Prix Italia through the pages of VideoAge

L.A. Screenings Veteran Luncheons

These histories are in addition to honoring the pioneers of international TV distribution by establishing the Hall of Fame tributes.

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