VideoAge is preparing for MIP-TV 2016. Naturally, the frenzy is not just with VideoAge, but also with the over 1,300 companies that are preparing to exhibit in Cannes over the four-day event starting on Monday, April 4.

MIP-TV is particularly busy for VideoAge because, in addition to its Monthly, VideoAge publishes three dailies: April 4, with  overviews of the week — including the Medal of Honor honorees; April 5, with floor news, and April 6, focusing on the L.A. Screenings, LATAM at MIP-TV and the Russian TV market, WCM.

VideoAge’s April Monthly focuses on several topics: Sports on television, fiction vs. drama, the format business, the Italian TV landscape after Netflix, the U.S. broadcast pilots, and we will be honoring Germany’s Reiner Moritz with the eighth International TV Distribution Hall of Fame recognition.

In terms of our digital presence, the complete Daily will be online at 8 a.m. each day, an hour after we begin distribution of the magazine around Cannes (hotels, Palais, restaurants, boats, gardens, etc.). The full monthly issue will be online on April 2.

MIP-TV participants that are planning to send press releases or want to request the presence of a VideoAge Daily reporter of photographer, have to remember that deadline for editorial is 1:30 p.m. Releases have to be succinct because space is limited. In addition, if a journalist of a photographer is desirable, the request should be sent at least the day before, so that space can be reserved.

Finally, only hard copies of VideoAge Monthly will be mailed out after MIP-TV, so if printed copies of the Daily are needed, it is advisable to save copies found all around MIP.

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