Go Button Media has been commissioned to produce two new series for 2024, extending its relationships with Germany-based Autentic and Canada’s Super Channel.

The first greenlight from Autentic and Super Channel is Colossal Weapons, a six-part series exploring the technological developments that have propelled wartime success. Using exclusive archival footage, 4K CGI and expert interviews, the series travels the world to explore its most striking weaponry, war machines and combat technology.

Meanwhile, series Deadly Science has been re-commissioned for a second six-hour season. Each episode brings together three stories of people in a similar field, who lost their life in the name of scientific advancement. Those featured include Rosalind Franklin, who discovered DNA’s double helix and used X-ray diffraction to capture it on camera, but then later succumbed to ovarian cancer from the radiation; Carl Wilhelm Scheele, who discovered seven new chemical elements, unaware that some came with deadly side effects; and American industrialist William Bullock, who died of gangrene after having his legs crushed by the machine that made the mass printing of newspapers possible for the very first time.

Both series will deliver in 2024, with international distribution (excluding Canada) handled by Autentic Distribution.

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