Hotel booking is a definitive a way to gauge, in advance, the imminent success or failure of a trade show. It is therefore a good sign that by late August, hotel rooms in Cannes were already reportedly mostly booked up for MIPCOM 2022, which is returning, for the second time since the start of the pandemic, to a live, in-person affair. And this time around, it’s expected to have more flair that its 2021 edition did.

However, we must still consider the fact that the Carlton Hotel will remain closed for renovations for another nine months, which caused rates for the four-and five-star hotels in the region to skyrocket to 1,380 euro per night in the case of the Martinez — and that’s for the cheapest room available. Naturally, removing the 343 rooms that make up the Carlton has reduced the luxury hotel inventory in Cannes, contributing to the rate hike.

RX, MIPCOM’s organizer, has set up a hotel desk manned by bnetwork, a Paris-based accommodation management company, which lists 17 “walk-distance” hotels from the Cannes Palais. The company also lists other hotels in its “discount-rate” list that are further away from the MIPCOM event. The promoted “discount-rate” is 40 percent, but the list doesn’t include the deluxe hotels.

There is also the non-MIPCOM-sponsored Cannes-based BornToHost, which lists 494 house-based properties for rent.

Fortunately, a successful market could mitigate the cost increases, which are all across the board. As indicated in VideoAge‘s market preview story (now available online), excluding any coup de theatre by Russia’s Vladimir Putin or China’s Xi Jinping, all signs point to a good market since everyone is itching to go back to the way things were in the pre-pandemic period.

Commented Beatriz Cea Okan, vice president and head of Sales and Acquisitions for Turkey’s Inter Medya: “Participating in as many markets as possible is an advantage for both distributors and buyers. Our business relationships are based on years of mutual trust and closeness. Although participating in the markets provides a great advantage to reach new customers and countries, the biggest advantage it provides is the opportunity to be together with our business partners.”

MIPCOM also promises to bring back LATAM buyers who will be in Cannes to preview new Turkish TV content so that they’ll have an advantage over those who just go to MIP Cancun. After all, said Ivan Sanchez, Sales director, Latin America, for Turkey’s Global Agency, “MIPCOM has always been an important market for the big buyers in LATAM.”

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