Record TV, the oldest broadcaster in Brazil, offers telenovelas, series, documentaries, and more.

Telenovela Genesis (pictured) is the story of the first 2,300 years of humanity and recounts events exclusively from that period. The plot begins by giving us a greater understanding of why we exist and how we turned from perfection to imperfection. 

Jesus tells a fascinating story about the trajectory of the man who changed humanity. The telenovela shares little-known passages and deepens the stories of the characters who lived with Him. 

Moses and the Ten Commandments depicts one of the most famous passages in the Bible: the life of Moses. The story of the Hebrew leader goes from his birth until his death, highlighting the encounter with God on Mount Sinai, the plagues thrown over Egypt, and more. 

The Slave Isaura follows the life of Isaura. The daughter of a slave, she will face problems when Leôncio enters her life and develops a sick passion for her. Leôncio forces her to work as a slave, but Isaura decides to flee with her father to a farm near São Paulo. 

The Rich and Lazarus depicts the love triangle of Asher, Joanne, and Zach, as they also live through the fulfillment of the prophecy of Jeremiah.

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