Independent entertainment company American Cinema International (ACI) creates, produces, and distributes filmed entertainment.

In Plus One at an Amish Wedding, superstar doctor April dates a handsome veterinarian, Jesse. On their six-month anniversary, Jesse presents April with a surprise trip to Paris! However, plans change when Jesse receives an invitation to his brother’s wedding. Now, both must travel to Amish Country and introduce themselves to people Jesse left behind years ago. 

A Royal Surprise (pictured) finds Riley on a visit her boyfriend Madla’s family in South Africa. Upon arrival, she is shocked to learn that Madla is the prince of Chacula! The news puts Riley’s trust in Madla in jeopardy, and now he has to win her love back.

In Finding Love in Big Sky, Montana, Paisley takes on the task of upholding her grandfather’s ranch. After being denied funding, she agrees to work with her ex-boyfriend to brainstorm ways to raise money. After 15 long years, they finally find the love that was there all along.

Successful L.A. chef Adela gets an offer to work on a new network series in Finding Love in San Antonio. When Adela misses her daughter Fabiola’s soccer match, Fabiola runs away to San Antonio. Adela rushes there to find her and meets a local food writer who wrote a takedown piece on Adela. Their unlikely relationship will make Adela decide if she wants to stay in San Antonio or take the offer for the new show.

Drama Halita (Season 1) portrays a 19-year-old village girl who is forced to leave familiarity due to unavoidable necessity. When her mother takes ill, Halita is drawn by the promise of being able to help her family, but ends up as the Zamani house help.

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