Kanal D International, the global business arm of Kanal D, boasts a line-up of dramas.

In Three Sisters (pictured), Türkan, Dönüş, and Derya discover that life is not as easy as it seems. Secrets can be hidden even by those who are most trusted, and horrific illnesses can lead to the resurrection of the past. 

Twist of Fate follows Ada, a superstitious girl, who believes that if she cannot marry her first love, she will be cursed for life. What will happen when Ada clings to her marriage with Rüzgar so as not to be doomed, and has to work with her attractive boss, Bora, who has no interest in love?

Romantic comedy Recipe of Love depicts the ultimate clash of cultures between a Westernized woman who is devoted to French cuisine, and an Anatolian man with a tendency for Oriental cuisine. What happens next is a sweet rivalry.

In Love Trap, working-class girl Ayşe lays a trap by claiming that her boss’s son, Kerem, is her lover, thus compelling him to marry her. Kerem plays along with Ayşe’s game to dethrone his father in the company.

Medical drama Hekimoglu portrays Ateş Hekimoğlu, the infamous doctor who cures extraordinary cases with his team. The series follows this maverick medical genius who defies hospital rules to do whatever it takes to practice his way.

Find the complete listings here.

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