ATV distributes a variety of dramas, comedies, action-packed series, and more. 

For My Family (pictured) is a new drama about four children mourning their parents’ death. When their landlord kicks them out, and with very little support from their relatives, they live in a chicken cage located in their uncle’s backyard. Despite life’s cruelties, they do their best to survive. 

Akıncı follows Fatih, who is a history teacher during the day and dons a mask to become the hero Akinci at night. The police are after him for all the good he does, and a successful journalist is after his real identity. Despite this, Akinci will fight for his country, avenge his father, and fall in love.

In Maria and Mustafa, the title characters meet during a series of unfortunate events and coincidences while they are on their way to Cappadocia. They are so impressed by one another that they decide to go to Ürgüp together, not knowing that this will be the road to a life-altering love. 

The Ottoman tells the sweeping story of the Kayi tribe. A power struggle takes place between Osman and his uncle Dündar.

In Hercai, Reyyan and Miran marry. But after just one night of wedded bliss, Miran ends the relationship because he was raised to avenge the death of his parents who were killed by Reyyan’s father. More secrets will be revealed as Reyyan and Miran hold onto their love despite all obstacles. 

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