ABS-CBN Corporation showcases a strong line-up of Filipino programming.

In drama series The Law of Revenge (pictured), Ellice accidentally kills the son of an affluent Congressman who tried to rape her. Ellice’s best friend Marissa takes the blame and is sent to prison. Believing she was abandoned by her best friend, Marissa vows to seek revenge.

Irreplaceable follows Emman, who, after being released from prison, learns that Celine has fallen for someone new and their son Robbie has suddenly been abducted. The two former lovers must team up and find their son.

Action series Bagman tells the story of Benjo, a barber and a devoted family man whose barbershop is about to get demolished. He ends up sacrificing his own moral values and becomes a bagman for the governor’s dubious transactions.

Love and friendship will be tested in romantic comedy Hello Strangers: Mico and Xavier attend a writing camp that will force them to confront conflicts from their past and uncertainties of their future.

Unbreakable shows when best friends Mariel and Deena’s friendship is challenged as family obligations and a tragedy force them to re-evaluate the meaning of loyalty.

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