Banijay Rights, the distribution arm of Banijay, represents a diverse portfolio that includes The Hunt For A Killer (pictured). The true-crime drama series revisits the sadistic murder of Helen Nilsson in Hörby, southern Sweden, which traumatized a nation in March 1989.

Informer 3838 tells the untold story of the dangerous double life of Nicola Gobbo, the youngest female barrister in Victorian history, who against all the rules informed police on the very gangland criminals she was defending.

In factual travel series Michael Palin Travels, Michael travels back in time to encounter the places he visited – extraordinary countries and moments from Around The World In 80 DaysPole To PoleFull Circle and Sahara, allowing us to experience them as he did, and hear for the first-time his untold personal stories.

Swingers explores the hidden world of Britain’s secretive swinging scene through unprecedented access to one of the country’s exclusive Swingers clubs. It follows the men and women, young and old, at the clubs’ big Valentine’s Day party to find out.

The iconic Survivor format presents a group of contestants who are marooned on a tropical island, with little more than the clothes on their backs and their own animal cunning. These castaways must compete in increasingly difficult tests of strategy, guile, and ruthlessness.

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