Madd Entertainment, the joint venture between Medyapim and Ay Yapim, oversees the international content distribution rights for a slew of Turkish drama series.

A Miracle centers on Ali, an autistic savant medical school graduate, who dreams of becoming a surgeon. His godfather decides to give him a chance and hires him for a six-month trial period at a private hospital. In drama series Crash, Kadir gets into a car accident that involves three other people. Each will quickly learn that one of the other victims can offer something that he or she is missing.

Kuzgun (pictured) grew up on the streets after he was taken from his family by thugs. As an adult, he infiltrates a gang to exact revenge against Rifat, who ruined his father’s reputation. When Kuzgun falls for Rifat’s daughter, he finds this new bond to be his biggest obstacle. Love Makes You Cry follows Ada, who lives in a remote village serving her mean uncle who sells her to a gangster set on making Ada his wife. After a confrontation with her would-be fiancé, she runs away with another man to start a fresh life.

In drama series Nehir, Tarik and Nazim struggle to assume each other’s identities for the love of Nehir, who attempts to escape her dark past. For the trio, every new day creates more lies. Is the truth the only thing that can set them all free?

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