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Dramedy series Love Life is about the journey from first love to last love, and how the people we’re with along the way make us into who we are when we finally end up with someone forever. This fresh take on a romantic comedy anthology series will follow a different protagonist’s quest for love each season, with each episode telling the story of one of their relationships.

The joyous and celebratory drama Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist follows Zoey Clarke, a whip-smart computer coder forging her way in San Francisco. After an unusual event, she starts to hear the innermost wants and desires of the people around her through songs. At first, she questions her own sanity but soon realizes this unwanted curse may just be an incredibly wonderful gift.

In Cold Courage, two determined women collide during a series of murders in present-day London. Mari, a fierce psychologist, fights for the underdog by any means necessary. Lia, a shy graphic artist is on the run from an abusive stalker. Mari’s obsession is to stop the meteoric rise of a dangerous, charismatic politician, and teams up with Lia to bring those who do evil to justice.

Comedy series Ramy tells the nuanced story of Ramy Hassan, a first-generation Egyptian-American who is on a spiritual journey in his politically-divided New Jersey neighborhood.

The Goes Wrong Show is a comedy series about the fictitious Cornley Drama Society as they undertake yet another overly-ambitious endeavor that is destined to be undermined by several over-acting screen-hogging actors.

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