Kanal D International draws attention to medical drama Hekimoglu in its spring content roster. An adaptation of House M.D, the series follows an anti-social, witty, and arrogant medical doctor who saves his patients from infectious diseases.

In drama series Maids (pictured), four maids work in four different houses that are part of a luxury compound, where they have mysterious and intriguing relations with their employers. New Life follows Captain Adem, a former Special Forces soldier, who is tasked with protecting the young wife of a powerful businessman. This business engagement becomes a conflict between love and family.

In drama series Ruthless City, Seher crosses paths with Agah, who comes from the same small town. This serendipitous meeting will test both their families. Romantic drama Love Trap revolves around Ayse, who comes from a working-class family. She busts her boyfriend canoodling with her best friend, then plots to marry Kerem, whose family owns a successful textile factory.

Find the complete listings available here.

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