Buena Vista Media Distribution will be at the Fontainebleau with Bios. The series sets out to tell the definitive story of some of Latin America’s most enduring 20th century popular culture icons, including Argentinian singer-songwriter Gustavo Cerati, and Mexican musician and composer Alex Lora, among others.

In the acerbic new comedy drama Run Coyote Run (pictured), Gamaliel and Morris, who were close friends in childhood, are reunited as adults and decide to join forces to create a transnational corporation called Run Coyote Run.

Inspired by a true story, One Against All (Um Contra Todo) follows Cadu, a respected public defender who gets wrongly arrested when police mistake him for the dangerous and high-profile drug dealer known as the Doctor of Traffic.

In the reimagined High Fidelity, Zoe Kravitz stars as the ultimate music fan, a record store owner who is obsessed with pop culture and Top Five lists. Talking straight to the camera, she chronicles past relationships.

Based on Celeste Ng’s 2017 bestseller, Little Fires Everywhere revolves around the intertwined fates of the picture-perfect Richardson family and an enigmatic mother and daughter who upend their lives. Tresor Tower Suite 2-1211

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