Istanbul-based Global Agency is distributing an exciting line-up of family tragedies, romantic rivalries, and emotional talent competitions.

Gulperi attempts to win back the hearts of her children who’ve been brainwashed by her late husband’s family. In Meryem, Oktay was planning to break up with his girlfriend. But when she takes the blame for a car accident he caused that left someone dead, she ends up going to prison to save Oktay’s future.

Sureyya’s humble and solitary life is forever changed by Boran’s family wealth and old traditions in Evermore, a breathtaking love story. In Never Let Go (pictured), Yigit is responsible for his wife’s coma. Thinking his beloved is lost to him, Yigit marries another woman, Nur. But when his wife miraculously recovers, Yigit decides to keep Nur as a prisoner.

The Legend is a musical talent competition in which contestants sing their hearts out to head to the semi-finals and prove their worth to the audience and jury. Booth 301

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