Lionsgate Entertainment‘s library of original and groundbreaking series is backed by STARZ television and feature titles.

Drama series Sweetbitter (pictured) is a young woman’s coming-of-age story set against the rich and grimy backdrop of exclusive restaurants in New York City. In Vida, two Mexican-American sisters return to their old neighborhood, the Eastside of Los Angeles, where they are confronted by their mother’s dark truth.

Taking place at an idyllic summer camp, The A List draws on the tension between Mia and a mysterious new girl named Amber, who takes all of Mia’s friends. Supernatural thriller The Rook follows a young woman who wakes up surrounded by dead bodies in a London park and has no recollection of what’s happened.

In The Spanish Princess, Catherine of Aragon marries Prince Arthur, whose death then puts into question her future role. Tresor Tower Suite 2-1114

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