ATV‘s distribution unit arrives in Miami with a roster of diverse dramas from Turkey.

Lifeline (pictured) tells the story of Nefes, who escapes with her child from her husband only to find herself a fugitive on the Black Sea coast. Foster Mother is a complex tale involving a young mother, Alev, who, out of desperation, attempts to kill her child, Zeynep. Zeynep is raised by her aunt while mother is imprisoned.

The head of his Grand Family and a weapons-smuggling network, HIzir tries to balance the demands of the mafia world with his wife and his mistress. Drama series Don’t Leave Me follows Arzu’s family life, which is turned upside down when her cousin Esin blackmails her by threatening to reveal the truth about her son Tarik’s real father.

In Love and Hate, Ali and Mavi have only ever interacted through letters, but when the time comes to meet in person, they both have hidden secrets. Booth 221

Find the complete listings available here.

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