Lionsgate Entertainment’s diverse MIPCOM roster is spearheaded by Nashville (pictured), depicting the sacrifice and disappointment musicians experience on the road to stardom in cutthroat country music world. In drama series Feed the Beast, best friends open a high-end restaurant in the Bronx, but one of the owners has a secret debt to the Mob. Nick Nolte plays a former U.S. president who realizes the wrongs of his administration 25 years after leaving the White House in comedy series Graves. Comedy series Nightcap is a satirical look at the late-night TV world on the set of a fictitious show called Nightcap with Jimmy. Ali Wentworth plays Staci, the overworked producer. In Dirty Dancing, a special event, Abigail Breslin stars as Baby, and Debra Messing as Marjorie Houseman in the three-hour reimagining of the classic Catskills drama. Stand C15.A8

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