Gusto Worldwide Media offers an array of food programming at MIPCOM. Fish the Dish, a 4K UHD food series, unlocks the secrets to cooking seafood while celebrating sustainability. Over 120 recipes and food photography accompany the series. One World Kitchen is a 4K UHD food series that explores international cuisine from Italy, India, Thailand, Argentina and Japan, along with over 200 recipes and webisodes. A is for Apple (pictured) is a 4K UHD food series where one of three chefs shop for ingredients that start with one letter. Additionally, there are over 120 recipes and webisodes. In documentary 4K HD food series, Crate to Plate, the start of the food cycle is explored from the people involved with planting, harvesting and cooking. The Latin Kitchen is a 30-minute 4K HD food series that focuses on Latin cuisine, including Mexican, Venezuelan and Spanish. Stand R7.M2

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