HD series The Lord of the Skies (El Señor de los Cielos), now in its fourth season, Aurelio Casillas is back on top, with business better than ever and his rivals sleeping with the fishes. But a medical emergency arises. In HD series Centaur’s Woman (La Querida Del Centauro) (pictured), Yolanda is locked up in a maximum-security prison where she falls for a feared drug lord. She sets out to destroy him with the help of a detective when he deceives her. Striking Eva Soler finds herself behind bars after her husband turns on her in HD telenovela Eva’s Destiny (Eva La Trailera), but she finds new love from her cell. In HD telenovela Don’t Be Late (Vuelve Temprano) Clara, a journalist, and Santiago, a lawyer, have a stable marriage and successful careers but are devastated when their son is murdered. Dark secrets come to light when the list of suspects grows. In Dad Adrift (Papá a la Deriva), an HD telenovela, Navy captain Bruno Montt’s top priority is taking care of his children. After his wife dies, he hires Violeta to help with the kids, and soon falls in love with her charm.



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