In CGI animated kids series Nils Holgersson, one day, a mischievous elf transforms Nils into a mini-human who can talk with animals, and he embarks on a journey with geese with his friend, Martin. CGI animated kids series Arthur and the Minimoys—The Series (pictured) follows a bright 10-year-old who explores the Minimoy world at grandma’s house, saving tiny creatures from danger. In CGI animated kids series The Wild Adventures of Blinky Bill, 11-year-old Blinky Bill, a kid koala, takes on the challenge of protecting the residents of the Green Patch. K3, a 2D animated kids series follows Kim, Kylie and Kate, who are best friends and musicians teen pop group K3. The girls travel the world with infectious singles, upbeat attitudes and a demand for justice. Live-action fantasy series The Night Watch takes place in Dusky Lake, where time is frozen and the citizens are eccentric. Three guardians protect the world from destruction.

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