In animated kids series X-Heart, a trio of musicians, who practice in the garage, have their sights set on becoming international rock superstars. Plim Plim, A Hero of the Heart is an educational animated series focuses on a kid with clown, hero and magician attributes teaches kids positive habits, including respecting the environment, cooperation, kindness and solidarity. Workplace comedy Animadores (Host) follows a small entertainment company threatened by a big competitor. Omar, the boss, creates ways to keep the company alive, including hiring a TV celeb going through tough times. Creators, a multiscreen product and transmedia series, encourages kids to use their imaginations instead of repeating and copying; includes a TV series, interactive apps and games, among others. Romantic series Ekaterina (pictured), shot on location in Saint Petersburg, tells the story of Catherine the Great: From a young woman who marries the future Tsar to taking over territory and suppressing rebellion.

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