In real estate/home improvement series Listed Sisters, identical twins Alana and Lex combine real estate savvy with home design skills. The sibling team helps renovate their clients’ homes into hot commodities, so they can move into their dream homes. In culinary travel series Paul Hollywood City Bakes, globetrotting baker Paul Hollywood looks for the top family bakeries, corner delis and luxury hotels who shape the baking heritage of entire cities. Travel series Uncommon Grounds follows entrepreneur Todd Carmichael travels the globe to source the world’s best coffee beans. Culinary series Cake Hunters chronicles cake hunters who create the perfect cakes for life events. The party hosts meet with three cake designers to determine the best concept for the event. Culinary travel series China’s Amazing Asia accompanies celeb chef Ching-He Huang on travels across Asia in search of the tastiest dishes before trying to recreate the food herself.

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