HD Kids series Adventures in Duckport (pictured) follows Suzy Zoo and her friends Jack Quacker, Penelope O’Quinn and Corky Turtle as they have fun helping the elder members of their community. In Bug Rangers, a 3D CGI kids series, Squiggz, Cosmo and Flutter are three bugs who live in a world of endless summer with carnivals every night. HD kids comedy series Cat Leopold follows a dapper cat who plays a trick on a pair of troublemaking mice. The three animals learn to live together, with a little help from a ghost. When the humans go away in 3D CGI kids series Cuby Zoo, mischievous cube-shaped animal characters, disguised as toys, come out to play. In HD kids action series Dinofroz, four unsuspecting kids are transported into the dinosaur era with the roll of a dice on a wacky board game. They have to save humans and dinosaurs from evil forces.


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