Drama series Task Force 45—Friendly Fire-Hero for Love (pictured) is set in Herat, Afghanistan, following the head of the elite unit, Major Enea De Santis, as he leads the Italian troops. While on a mission, he falls in love with Samira, a young Afghani woman. In thriller series Not My Son, Andrea will go at any length to protect her son against the accusation of murder to protect his name and the family’s reputation. Drama series A Matter of Respect (L’onore e il rispetto), now in its fourth season, is focused on boss Tonio Fortebracci’s struggle for power. The mobster also has a sweet side: the love for his daughter, Antonia. The biographical journey of the Pope begins from his humble beginning as a chemical technician to his role as a spiritual leader in miniseries Call Me Francesco—The People’s Pope. In comedy series Suddenly All Together (Tutti insieme all’improvviso), veterinarian Walter left his career and his wife Annamaria behind to move to Africa. After his brother dies, he returns to Italy to find Annamaria is his widow.


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