Documentary series My Baby’s Having a Baby chronicles moms whose teenage daughters are pregnant, and dealing with clashing parenting styles and financial issues. Unscripted renovation series Worst to First followsMickey and Sebastian, brothers-in-law and best friends, help determined families find and fix a home in their dream neighborhood. In unscripted real estate reality series Masters of Flip, Kortney and Dave, a husband and wife team, take on the challenge of transforming dilapidated houses into beautiful family homes. Real estate lifestyle series Buying the View (pictured) proves the “location, location, location,” adage: from luxury homebuyers in New York who pay a premium price for stunning skylines, to mountain views of Whistler and oceanfront Miami condos. In documentary series Cheer Squad, a team of cheerleaders balances busy school schedules, intense training sessions and debilitating injuries as they compete for their third consecutive championship.

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