Teleseries Veinteañero a los 40 (pictured) follows Pancho Bustamante after he wakes up from a coma after 27 years; intrigued by the political, social and technological changes, he still finds that the future isn’t as he hoped. In drama series Tuscan Passion, wrongly imprisoned Aurora fights for her independence after being accused of murder. In the Tuscan vineyard setting, rival families battle for their territory and conspiracies and secrets bubble to the surface. Rosario Garcia, a successful real estate executive, learns how to love when she suddenly becomes a guardian for Ema, the daughter of a recently deceased friend in teleseries Valió la Pena. Drama series Into The Woods follows Nina, a young psychologist who returns to her hometown to teach after 20 years away. The real reason for her visit is to uncover the truth of her mother’s disappearance. Teleseries Chipe Libre (Free Pass) focuses on Julieta and Gonzalo, a couple on the verge of separation, go to a therapist who advises them to take time away from each other to ponder their individual and collective flaws.

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