From love at first sight, first laugh, and first hip fracture, five very different couples meet in drama series Just Looking (Para Verte Mejor), without knowing there are hidden cameras in their apartments. Lifestyle/talk show Talk the Walk goes in-depth into the celebrity world, homing in on the fashion, career and personal choices of international stars. SHÄK 1st Season provides HD footage of breaking news, including police shootouts, car chases, thrilling rescues and arson in both English and Spanish, with a script that can be adapted to any language. In news special Hot Wire 1st Season: End of Days (El Fin de los Tiempos), journalists discuss the rise of ISIS. The world’s best athletes’ grueling journeys to the top are documented in Olympic special Flame of Passion (La llama de la Pasión) (pictured) which offers a behind-the-scenes glimpse of the road to gold medals.

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