In drama series Limitless, Brian Finch discovers a superpower drug that maximizes his brain capacity. The FBI coerces him to solve cases for them, although the drug makes Brian smarter than the entire bureau. Paul Giamatti plays a driven U.S. attorney and Damian Lewis portrays a hedge fund billionaire with working class roots in drama series Billions. The two face off in the power struggle between the politics of Wall Street and the law. American Gothic is a murder mystery series about a well-known Boston family coming to terms with the long-buried secret that a recently deceased patriarch was a lifelong killer. A comic thriller Braindead that chronicles a green Hill staffer who discovers that alien spawn is feasting on the brains of Washington elite. Hour-long comedy series Crazy Ex-Girlfriend follows Rebecca Bunch as ditches her corporate law job in New York to move to California and not-so-coincidentally reconnects with her high school boyfriend after running into him on the street.

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