Orange customers in Poland can now access SPI’s FilmBoxLive VOD app through their phones. FilmBox Live service is now available to customers on any device that connects to the Internet. Apart from the mobile network’s own service, FilmBox Live is now the only on-demand app integrated into the Orange platform in Poland. In addition to blockbuster hits, award-winning films and TV series, FilmBox Live also features documentaries, sports programing as well as fashion and music videos. Viewers also have access to TV channels streamed live. In other SPI news, a free-to-air channel produced by SPI International. “The Box for Africa,” will soon be on the CT Live platform, which serves South Africa and the SADC countries. The channel will showcase movies, sports, music and lifestyle programming, and will be aired in countries including South Africa, Botswana, Tanzania, Zimbabwe and several others in the region, reaching an audience of two million.

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