It’s officially mid-season time for U.S. television! What that means is that the U.S. broadcast networks are replacing their less-than-successful new fall series with brand new ones.

Only three mid-season shows have premiered thus far on the broadcast networks and the results are mixed. ABC’s Agent Carter, a companion of sorts to Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., has seen its ratings slip by 13 percent in the two weeks since its premiere despite pretty strong reviews. FOX’s Empire, a soapy drama that goes behind-the-scenes into the world of hip-hop, is the network’s biggest hope of the new mid-season and is a critical favorite. Its premiere earlier in January was FOX’s highest-rated debut in three years, and its ratings have continued to climb. The premiere of FOX’s Backstrom, about a brilliant detective who’s also a total jerk, did pretty well ratings-wise for its premiere last week, but critics haven’t been crazy about it.

But there are a lot more new mid-season shows coming over the next few months. Take a read below for premiere dates and descriptions of what’s in store:


Fresh Off the Boat (February 4)

Comedy about an Asian-American family that moves to suburban Orlando

American Crime (March 5)

Drama about the ripple effects that stem from a violent crime in California

Repeat After Me (February 17)

Hidden camera show from Ellen DeGeneres

Secrets & Lies (March 1)

A family man finds the body of a young boy and quickly becomes a suspect


The Odd Couple (February 19)

Comedy remake of the original about a slob and a neat freak who move in together

Battle Creek (March 1)

Two detectives with very different world views team up on the semi-mean streets of Battle Creek, Michigan

CSI: Cyber (March 4)

Special Agent Avery Ryan heads the Cyber Crime division of the FBI

The Dovekeepers (March 31)

Miniseries based on the story of the siege of Masada


iZombie (March 17)

A med-student-turned-zombie gets a job in the coroner’s office

The Messengers (April 10)

A group of strangers might be the only hope for preventing the Rapture… or they may cause it

Cedric’s Barber Battle (April 10)

Competition hosted by Cedric the Entertainer that focuses on barbershop communities all over the U.S.


The Last Man on Earth (March 1)

Comedy about the last man on Earth

Weird Loners (March 31)

Four relationship-phobic people share a townhouse in Queens

Wayward Pines (May 14)

Event series set in a seemingly idyllic town that’s anything but

Bordertown (Date TBA)

Animated series about two families living on the U.S.-Mexican border


Allegiance (February 5)

A young CIA analyst learns that his parents are ex-Russian spies

The Slap (February 12)

Eight-episode miniseries that starts with a man slapping another person’s child

One Big Happy (March 17)

Comedy about gay and straight friends who decide to have a baby together

A.D. (April 5)

Miniseries that’s a sequel to The Bible

Odyssey (April 5)

A stranded female soldier, disillusioned attorney and political activist are pulled into an international conspiracy

Mr. Robinson (Date TBA)

A comedy about a talented musician who’s now a middle school music teacher

Heroes Reborn (Date TBA)

A miniseries that spins off from the popular show Heroes

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