As the international television industry welcomes in the new year, this Watercooler is the right place to get a sneak peek into VideoAge’s inaugural issue of 2014. This upcoming English-Spanish Monthly edition (out in the middle of January) is jam-packed with news and controversial topics.

First our cover stories: VideoAge delves into what’s in store for Netflix — the most talked about video streaming service in the world — as it prepares its Latin American challenging conquest.

VideoAge also will offer an in-depth look at some interesting news coming out of Canada: The government’s recent rulings in favor of unbundling cable channels. What the future holds is unclear, but certain things are: That more customer choice will likely lead to higher prices and some channels’ disappearance from cable, possibly into the online delivery option.

Another VideoAge front cover story presents a history and analysis of the mysterious Television Critics Association, a group of TV critics and journalists who’ve built to popular press events each year, but of whom some basics — like year founded and location — are unknown.

Inside the issue, there are news items from Singapore, Brussels and Croatia; a NATPE preview with the latest information on the Miami event, a review of last month’s Asia TV Forum; and a preview of what to expect at MIP-TV 2014, reports that will be updated on the NATPE floor in VideoAge’s dailies and in various online services.

Plus, there’s the Spanish-language section, with some of our most important Latin-focused stories.

And of course, as always, VideoAge’s Dom Serafini shares his thoughts… this time he’s taking on the large number of small TV and film markets that have popped up on the calendar, and how for some, they are proving to be pretty valuable.

Happy reading and happy 2014!

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