By Leah Hochbaum Rosner

Earlier this year, Elizabeth Murdoch’s U.K.-based Shine Group acquired Reveille, a firm started up by NBC Entertainment co-chairman Ben Silverman prior to joining the Peacock net. ShineReveille International, the sales and distribution arm of Shine Group, will be at this year’s upcoming MIPCOM market to support a slew of new series, many of which will soon begin airing on The CW in the U.S. John Pollak, L.A.-based senior vice president of ShineReveille (who began his career at Reveille in 2003, working as an intern for Silverman), spoke to VideoAge about his plans for Cannes, as well as why he’s screening his shows this week in London as opposed to showcasing them at the Palais.

VideoAge International: Prior to MIPCOM you’ll be screening ShineReveille’s shows in London. Why not do it again at MIPCOM?

John Pollak: MIPCOM is a more fast-paced market designed for quick meetings. It would be very difficult for buyers to set two or three hours aside to devote to screening our product. But at our screenings in London, where nearly all buyers from the L.A. Screenings will be in attendance, they’ll be able to devote their undivided attention to the series being shown.

VAI:What shows will you be screening in London?

JP: We’ll be launching a slew of new shows we didn’t show at the L.A. Screenings. Those include a number of series developed by [New York and Los Angeles-based investment fund] Media Rights Capital [which recently struck a deal with U.S. network The CW to program its Sunday night line-up]. The shows include Valentine, a crime procedural based in the world of love; Easy Money, about a family that owns a loan company; and In Harm’s Way, a reality show about the world’s most dangerous job.

VAI: If the London Screenings are successful, could you envision them becoming a regular yearly event?

JP: This year, the London Screenings are great for us because, as a result of the [Hollywood writers’] strike, no one got to see our shows. So it’s important for us to go to our buyers and show them what we’ve got. Next year, I doubt they’ll be as much of a need for the London Screenings, so we’ll have to wait and see if they’re necessary. We’re all just waiting to see if the traditional production cycle resumes. Plus, buyers really love going to the L.A. Screenings.

VAI: So if you won’t be screening the shows in Cannes, what will you be focusing on during MIPCOM?

JP: We’ll have a full team going there and we plan to meet with as many broadcasters as we can. We’ll be focusing on a number of territories, including Asia, Latin America and Eastern Europe.

VAI: Other than the new shows you’ll be touting, what else is new and exciting for MIPCOM 2008?

JP: This will be the first time we’ll be there as ShineReveille, and we’re looking forward to making a splash.

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