Luz de Luna (telenovela, musical drama)
Tells the story of the great love between a father, León, and a daughter, Luz, who were separated by life but united by music.

Maricucha (telenovela, family comedy) (pictured)
Maricucha, a talented cook, starts to work for the wealthy Corbacho family at Don Antonio’s mansion. She will support the entire family and, along the way, fall in love with the handsome grandson.

Junta de vecinos (telenovela, family comedy)
This comedy celebrates friendship, ambition, creativity, Peruvian ingenuity, and the importance of family.

Medias hermanas (comedy)
Victoria, divorced and in debt, must sell her father’s beach house. But the property is also owned by her half-sister, Marita. Despite their differences, they will discover what they have in common.

Cosas de amigos (comedy)
Raúl, Eduardo and Santiago have been friends since childhood. When Santi confesses that he is gay, Raúl can’t stand the idea. As tensions increase, Raúl puts aside his prejudices to support his friend.

Autoerótica (drama, teen)
Through a dating website, teenager Bruna enters a relationship that will make her confront the freedom of her body and will connect with her true identity.

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