Candombe: Canciones de Libertad (Songs of Freedom) (documentary)
The musical style candombe originates from African slaves who were brought to Uruguay. Uruguayan immigrants in Canada brought it to Montreal, where it has become a gift to further enrich Canadian heritage.

Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) (documentary)
This documentary examines why Dia de los Muertos is considered one of the most important cultural traditions to Mexican Canadians and how its influence is growing across the nation.

Suenos de Hierro (Iron Dreams) (documentary)
Bodybuilders Jorge Calmet and Aaron Gachuz, who moved from Latin America to Canada for their passion, share their inspiring story and dive into the sacrifices they endure to push themselves to their limits, follow their dreams, and reach the pinnacle of their sport.

Diogo Snow: O fazer de um artista urbano (The Making of a Modern Graffiti Artist) (documentary)
Diogo Snow, also known as D-Snow in the entertainment industry, is a new-generation artist and this documentary sheds a spotlight on an artist who is everywhere you look, yet anonymous to most.

Searching with Chef Sang (docu-series)
Celebrated chef and writer Sang Kim embarks on a culinary road trip across his home province of Ontario, Canada, and meets a multi-generational cast of Korean Canadian people, who share stories and recipes that paint a portrait of the country’s diverse, vibrant culture.

Opening (food & travel series) (pictured)
In this sumptuous six-season food and travel exploration series, TV personalities and top Canadian chefs Rob Rossi and Craig Harding discover Italy, Argentina, Canada, and Spain in search of culinary inspiration.

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