Traditionally, journalists are not experts in anything, but they’re good at distilling complex issues and topics for consumption by the general public. But, when complexity touches their own lives, journalists rebel. And that is what happened in The Washington Post‘s newsroom, which is now in the midst of an uproar.

On June 3, 2024, the Post‘s CEO, William Lewis, a former editor at The Telegraph and a former CEO of Wall Street Journal‘s parent company Dow Jones, introduced Matt Murray, a former WSJ editor, who is taking over as executive editor on an interim basis until Robert Winnett, deputy editor of The Telegraph, will join the Post as its top editor.

With Winnett at the helm, Murray will lead a new “third newsroom,” while the “second newsroom” will focus on opinions. Lewis, on his part, has to figure out how to make up for the $77 million that the Post lost in 2023 and a 50 percent reduction of digital audience since 2020.

At the same time, Lewis is under pressure from the news staff since Sally Buzbee left her executive editor position at the Post, after The New York Times reported that Lewis pressured Buzbee not to publish an article about Lewis’ involvement in a British phone-hacking scandal.

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